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Formulas that eliminate Phlegm

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Formulas that eliminate Phlegm

Dissolve phlegm & dry damp

Er Chen Tang dry Damp, eliminate Phlegm, regulate Qi, harmonize mid Jiao

Er Chen Tang - Tai ping hui min he ji ju fang

Ban Xia (rhizoma pineliae ternatae)15g

Ju Hong (pericarpium citri erythrocarpae)15g

Fu Ling (sclerotium poriae cocos)9g

Zhi Gan Cao (honey fried radix glycyrrhixae uralensis)4.5g

Indications: coughing copious white sputum that is easily expectorated, focal distension in chest and diaphragm, palpitations, nausea, vomiting dizziness, swollen tongue with white thick greasy coat, slippery pulse.


Wen Dan Tang regulate Qi, eliminate Phlegm, clear Gallbladder, harmonizes Stomach

Wen Dan Tang - Yi zong jin jian

Zhu Ru (caulis bambusae in taeniis)6g

Zhi Shi (fructus immaturus citri aurantii)6g

Ban Xia (rhizome pinelliae ternatae)6g

Chen Pi (pericarpium citri reticulatae)9g

Fu Ling (sclerotium poriae cocos)4.5g

Gan Cao (radix glycyrrhzae uralensis)3g

Sheng Jiang (rhizoma zingiberis officinalis recens)3-6g

Indications: dizziness, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, palpitations, anxiety, indeterminate gnawing hunger, seizures accompanied by copious sputum, focal distension in the chest, bitter taste in mouth, thirst, greasy yellow tongue coat, slippery or wiry rapid pulse


Dissolve phlegm & clear heat

Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan clear Heat, eliminate Phlegm, redirect rebel Lung Qi (stops cough)

Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan - Yi Fang Kao

Dan Nan Xing (pulvis arisaemae cum felle bovis)45g

Ban Xia (rhizoma pinelliae ternatae)45g

Gua Lou Ren (semen trichosanthis)30g

Huang Qin (radix scutellariae)30g

Chen Pi (pericarpium citri reticulatae)30g

Xing Ren (semen pruni armeniacae)30g

Zhi Shi (fructus immaturus citri aurantii)30g

Fu Ling (sclerotium poriae cocos)30g

Indications: coughing up yellow difficult to expectorate sputum, facal distension and fullness in chest and diaphragm, nausea, red tongue with greasy yellow coat, slippery rapid pulse.


Xiao Xian Xiong Tang clear Heat, transform Phlegm, expand chest, dissipates clumps


Xiao Xian Xiong Tang - Shang Han Lun

Gua Lou (fructus trichosanthis)24-30g

Huang Lian (rhizoma coptidis)3g

Jiang Ban Xia (ginger fried rhizoma pinelliae ternatae)9-12g

Indications: focal distension in the chest and epigastrium that are painful when pressed (nodules), coughing yellow sputum, constipation, bitter taste in mouth, yellow greasy tongue coat, slippery floating or rapid pulse.


Gun Tan Tang drains Fire, drives out Phlegm, opens orifices

Gun Tan Tang - Dan xi xin fa fu yu

Duan Meng Shi (calcined lapis miicase seu chloriti)30g

Da Huang (radix & rhizoma rhei)240g

Huang Qin (radix scutellariae baicalensis)240g

Chen Xiang (lignum aquilariae)15g

Indications: mania-withdrawal and palpitations with anxiety, or severe continuous palpitations which can lead to coma, coughing and wheezing with thick sputum, focal distension in the chest and abdomen, dizziness and tinnitus, there is always constipation, yellow thick greasy tongue coat, slippery rapid and forceful pulse. May also be facial tics, insomnia or very strange dreams, sudden deep pain in the joints that is difficult to describe, nodules in the neck, choking sensation.


Dissolve phlegm & moisten dry

Bei Mu Gua Lou San clear Lung Heat & lubricate, regulate Qi, eliminate Phlegm

Bei Mu Gua Lou San - Yi xue xin wu

Bei Mu (bulbus fritillariae)4.5g

Gua Lou (fructus trichosanthis)3g

Tian Hua Fen (radix trichosanthis kirilowii)2.4g

Fu Ling (sclerotium poriae cocos)2.4g

Ju Hong (pericarpium citri erythrocarpae)2.4g

Jie Geng (radix platycodi grandiflori)2.4g

Indications: cough with sputum that is difficult to expectorate, wheezing, dry sore throat, red dry tongue with scanty coat, rapid thin strong pulse.

Dissolve cold phlegm

Ling Gan Wu Wei Jiang Xin Tang warms Lungs, transforms congested fluids

Ling Gan Wu Wei Jiang Xin Tang - Jin Gui Yao Lue

Fu Ling (sclerotium poriae cocos)12g

Gan Cao (radix glycyrrhizae uralensis)9g

Gan Jiang (rhizoma zingiberis officinalis)9g

Xi Xin (herba cum radice asari)9g

Wu Wei Zi (fructus schisandrae chinensis)6-12g

Indications: coughing with profuse sputum that is thin watery and white, chest discomfort, white slippery tongue coat, wiry slippery pulse.


San Zi Yang Qin Tang redirects rebel Qi, relaxes diaphragm, transforms Phlegm, reduces food stagnation

San Zi Yang Qin Tang - Han shi yi tong

Bai Jie Zi (semen sinapis albae)6-9g

Su Zi ((fructus perillae frutescentis)6-9g

Lai Fu Zi (semen raphani sativi)6-9g

Indications: coughing and wheezing, copious sputum, focal distension in the chest, no appetite, poor digestion, white greasy tongue coat, slippery pulse.


Dissolve phlegm & treat wind

Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang strengthen Spleen, clear Damp, transform Phlegm, extinguish Wind

Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang - Yi xue xin wu

Ban Xia (rhizoma pinelliae ternatae)4.5g

Tian Ma (rhizoma gastrodiae elatae)3g

Bai Zhu (rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae)9g

Ju Hong (pericarpium citri erythrocarpae)3g

Fu Ling (sclerotium poriae cocos)3g

Gan Cao (radix glycyrrhizae uralensis)1.5g

Sheng Jiang (rhizoma zingiberis officinalis recens)1 slice

Da Zao (fructus zizyphi jujubae)2 pieces

Indications: dizziness (can be severe), headache, chest oppression, nausea, vomiting, copious sputum, white greasy tongue coat, wiry slippery pulse.


Ding Xian Wan strongly clears Phlegm, opens sensory orifices, extinguishes Wind

Ding Xian Wan - Yi xue xin wu

Tian Ma (rhizoma gastrodiae elatae)30g

Chuan Bei Mu (bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae)30g

Jiang Ban Xia (ginger fried rhizoma pinelliae ternatae)30g

Fu Ling (sclerotium poriae cocos)30g

Fu Shen sclerotium poriae cocos pararadicis)30g

Dan Nan Xing (pulvis arisaemae cum felle bovis)15g

Shi Chang Pu (rhizoma acori graminei)15g

Quan Xie (buthus martensi)15g

Jiang Can (bombyx batryticatus)15g

Hu Po (succunum)15g

Deng Xin Cao (medulla junci effusi)15g

Chen Pi (pericarpium citri reticulatae)21g

Yuan Zhi (radix polygalae tenuifoliae)21g

Dan Shen (radix salviae miltiorrhizae)60g

Mai Men Dong (tuber ophiopogonis japonici)60g

Zhu Sha (cinnabaris)9g [refine with water]

Indications: recurrent virtigo, weakness, stifling sensation in the chest followed by a sudden loss or clouding of consciousness and falling down, rolling back of the eyes, mouth deviation, spitting up mucus with a loud raspy sound, convulsions, sudden screaming, incontinence of bowels or urine, white greasy tongue coat, wiry slippery pulse.


Zhi Sou San stop cough, eliminate Phlegm, expand Lung & relax bronchus


Zhi Sou San - Yi xue xin wu

Jie Geng (radix platycodi grandiflori)960g

Jing Jie (herba seu flos schizonepetae tenuifoliae)960g

Zi Wan (radix asteris tatarici)960g

Bai Bu (radix stemonae)960g

Bai Qian (radix & rhizoma cynanchi baiqian)960g

Gan Cao (radix glycyrrhizae uralensis)360g

Chen Pi (peridarpium citri reticulatae)480g

Indications: coughing with or without slight chills and fever, itchy throat, thin white tongue coat, moderate floating pulse.



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