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Formulas that relieve interior-exterior

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Formulas that relieve interior-exterior


Da Chai Hu Tang - harmonizes & releases Shaoyang, clear Heat & benefit Gallbladder


Da Chai Hu Tang Shang Han Lun

Chai Hu (radix bupleuri)12-15g

Huang Qin (radix scutellariae)9g

Zhi Shi (fructus immaturus citri aurantii)6-9g

Da Huang (radix et rhizome rhei)6g

Bai Shao (radix paeoniae lactiflorae)9g

Ban Xia (rhizome pinelliae ternatae)12-15g

Sheng Jiang (rhizome zingiberis officinalis recens)6-9g

Da Zao (fructus zizyphi jujubae)4 pieces

Indications: Shaoyang and Yangming disorder, or excess in the Gallbladder and Stomach. Alternating fever and chills, fullness of the chest and hypochondria, bitter taste in the mouth, vomiting and P- wiry, all show Shaoyang stage disorder. Firm abdominal masses or distended pain of the abdomen, no bowel movements (constipation) or hot burning diarrhea, T- yellow coat, P- strong, all show Yangming stage disorder. When the Gallbladder attacks the Stomach there may be continuous vomiting.

This formula is based on Xiao Chai Hu Tang for Shaoyang disorders, and Da Cheng Qi Tang for Yangming disorders. Bai Shao is added for the abdominal spasms.

Bio-medically this formula may be indicated in conditions of; acute gastroenteritis, stomach flu, dysentery, cholecysititis, cholelithiasis, acute pancreatitis, hepatitis, pleurisy, peritonitis, migraines, trigeminal neuralgia, hypertension, and malaria with fever predominant.


Fang Feng Tong Sheng San expels Wind, releases exterior, drains Heat, unblocks bowels


Fang Feng Tong Sheng San fang feng powder that sagely unblocks

Fang Feng (radix ledebouriellae divaricatae)15g

Ma Huang (herba ephedrae)15g

Jiu Da Huang (wine treated radix et rhizome rhei)15g

Mang Xiao (mirabilitium)15g

Jing Jie (herba seu flos schizonepatae tenuifoliae)15g

Bo He (herba menthae haplocalycis)15g

Zhi Zi (Fructus gardeniae jasminoidis)15g

Hua Shi (talcum)90g

Shi Gao (gypsum)30g

Lian Qiao (fructus forsythiae suspensae)15g

Huang Qin (radix scutellariae)30g

Jie Geng (radix platycodi grandiflori)30g

Chuan Xiong (radix ligustici chuanxiong)15g

Dang Gui (radix angelicae sinensis)15g

Bai Shao (radix paeoniae lactiflorae)15g

Bai Zhu (rhizome atractylodis macrocephalae)15g

Gan Cao (radix glycyrrhizae uralensis)60g

Indications: Heat in both the interior and exterior from Wind/Heat invasion with internal Heat already present, or from Wind/Heat that invades both interior and exterior at the same time. Strong fever and chills, headache, dizziness, red sore eyes, trouble swallowing, nasal congestion with thick sticky yellow phlegm. Lung and Stomach Heat causes dry mouth with bitter taste, distention of the chest and abdomen, constipation, dark scanty urination, T- greasy yellow coat, P- full rapid, or wiry slippery.

This is a variation of Liang Ge San. Fang Feng Tong Shen San is used for excess in the interior and exterior, which may also be interpreted as simultaneous Taiyang and Yangming. This formula is recommended for all Wind/Heat that is showing signs of internal Heat so as to not let the pathogen penetrate deeper. It is also used for skin disorders, mania, intestinal Wind, obesity, and influenza.


Ge Gen Huang Qin Huang Lian Tang releases exterior, clears Heat


Ge Gen Huang Qin Huang Lian Tang Shang Han Lun

Ge Gen (radix puerariae)15-24g

Huang Qin (radix scutellariae)9g

Huang Lian (rhizome coptidis)6g

Zhi Gan Cao (honey fried radix glycyrrhizae uralensis)6g

Indications: the exterior has not been completely released and the interior shows excess Heat (with possible dampness). This may be caused by treatment of an exterior invasion with purgatives which sends the pathogen deeper into the Yangming causing very smelly diarrhea with a burning anus. There will be fever and sweating, thirst, T- red with yellow coat, P- rapid, because of the internal Heat, with irritability and a sensation of Heat in the chest. One may also see wheezing. It is said that this condition is 7/10 interior and 3/10 exterior, hence the concentration on the interior Heat.

Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San may be used in this case if the Heat is not as severe and there is a greater presence of Damp. Bai Tou Weng Tang may be combined with the Ge Gen Qin Lian Tang if dysentery is more severe.


Wu Ji San releases exterior, warms interior, soothes Qi flow, eliminates Phlegm, invigorates blood, reduces accumulations


Wu Ji San - Tai ping hui min he ji ju fang (powder dosages)

Ma Huang (herba ephedrae)180g

Bai Zhi (radix angelicae dahuricae)90g

Gan Jiang (rhizoma zingiberis officinalis)120g

Rou Gui (cortex cinnamomi cassiae)90g

Cang Zhu (rhizoma atractylodis)720g

Hou Po (cortex magnoliae officinalis)120g

Chen Pi (pericarpium citri reticulatae)180g

Ban Xia (rhizoma pinelliae ternatae)90g

Fu Ling (sclerotium poriae cocos)90g

Jie Geng (radix platycodi grandiflori)360g

Zhi Ke (fructus citri seu ponciri)180g

Dang Gui (radix angelicae sinensis)90g

Bai Shao (radix paeoniae)90g

Chuan Xiong (radix ligustici chuanxiong)90g

Zhi Gan Cao (honey fried radix glycyrrhizae uralensis)90g

Indications: This shows Wind/Cold with internal Cold (for any reason). Fever and chills with no sweat, headache, bodyaches, and stiff neck are all external symptoms. abdominal fullness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and cold, diarrhea, and borborygmus are all signs of internal Cold. These symptoms all together may cause a stagnation of cold, damp, phlegm, Qi, and blood..

This formula is a combination of Ping Wei San, Er Chen Tang, and Si Wu Tang, with ingredients that release the exterior, and soothe and regulate Qi.

Benskey also says this formula may be used for irregular menstruation due to Cold.



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Benskey & Gamble 1993, Chinese Herbal Medicine formulas and strategies, Seattle Washington, Eastland Press Inc.


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