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Qing Luo Yin – releases summer-heat, clears Lungs

Qing Luo Yin - Wen Bing Tiao Bian – Clear the collaterals drink

Xian Jin Yin Hua (flos lonecerae japonicae recens)…6g

Xian Bian Dou Hua (flos dolichoris lablab recens)…6g

Xi Gua Shuang (mirabilitum praeparata citrulli)…6g

Si Gua Pi (pericarpium luffae acutangulae)…6g

Xian He Ye (folium nelumbinis nuciferae recens)…6g

Xian Dan Zhu Ye (herba lophatheri gracilis recens)…6g

Indications: fever, mild thirst, unclear head and vision with light headedness, slight distension of the head, pink tongue with thin white coat. This is mild summer-heat that has injured the Qi level of the Lung meridian, or moderate summer-heat that has not been fully released via sweating.  The fact that most of these symptoms are in the head (the most Yang part of the body), show that the pathogen is superficial.  You will notice that ‘Xian’ precedes most of the herbs in the formula, this means ‘fresh’.  Fresh herbs are available in summer and they are generally more aromatic than their dried counterparts.


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