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Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang clears summer-heat, strengthens Qi, nourishes Yin, generates fluids

Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang - Wen Re Jing Wei Clear summer-heat and augment Qi

Xi Yang Shen (radix panacis quinquefolii)4.5-6g*

Xi Gua Pi (pericarpium citrulli vulgaris)24-30g*

Lian Geng (ramulus nelumbinis nuciferae)12-15g**

Shi Hu (herba dendrobii)12-15g**

Mai Men Dong (tuber ophiopogonis japonici)6-9g**

Dan Zhu Ye (herba lphatheri gracilis)4.5-6g***

Zhi Mu (radix anemarrhenae asphodeloidis)4.5-6g***

Huang Lian (rhizoma coptidis)2-3g***

Gan Cao (radix glycyrrhizae uralensis)2-3g***

Geng Mi (non-glutinous rice)12-15g

Indications: summer-heat has entered the interior causing fever, irritability, dark scanty urine, copious sweating which injures the fluids causing thirst for cold drinks, desire to curl up, shortness of breath, apathy, P- rapid deficient.

The focus of this formula is to generate fluids, thus it may be compared to Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang.

Note: if there is Dampness involved in this invasion, modifications should be made to this formula because it is very Yin nourishing and sticky.


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