Wu Zhu Yu Tang

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Wu Zhu Yu Tang warms & tonifies Liver & Stomach, redirects rebel Qi, stops vomiting


Wu Zhu Yu Tang Shang Han Lun

Wu Zhu Yu (fructus evodiae rutaecarpae)9-12g

Sheng Jiang (rhizome zingiveris officinalis recens)18g

Ren Shen (radix ginseng)9g

Da Zao (fructus zizyphi jujubae)12 pieces

Indications: cold from Stomach deficiency causes stagnation of Qi which causes vomiting, pain, inability to keep food down, and sometimes hunger. Cold from Liver and Stomach deficiency causes vertex headache (follows Jueyin meridian), dry heaves, spitting of clear fluids. Mid Jiao attacked by Cold causes diarrhea, cold hands and feet, headache and vomiting, which may all combine and be so bad that the patient wants to die!

T- white slippery coat, P- slow and thin, or wiry and thin.

*Occasionally the patient will experience chest discomfort, dizziness, & headache after taking Wu Zhu Yu Tang, although these side effects should subside after about 30 minutes when the formula has taken effect.




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