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Xing Su San gently disperses cool-dryness, disperses Lung Qi, transforms Phlegm-fluids

Xing Su San - Wen Bing Tiao Bian

Zi Su Ye (folium perillae frutescentis)6g

Qian Hu (radix peucedani)6g

Xing Ren (semen pruni armeniacae)6g

Jie Geng (radix platycodi grandiflori)6g

Zhi Ke (fructus citri aurantii)6g

Chen Pi ( pericarpium citri reticulatae)6g

Fu Ling (sclerotium poriae cocos)6g

Ban Xia (rhizome pinelliae ternatae)6g

Sheng Jiang (rhizoma zingiberis officinalis recens)6g

Da Zao (fructus zizyphi jujubae)2 pieces

Gan Cao (radix glycyrrhizae uralensis)3g

Indications: external invasion of cool dryness disrupting the Lungs functioning. Headache and chills without sweating (cool dryness external), cough with watery sputum (lung cannot disperse water), stuffy nose and dry throat, T- dry white coat, P- wiry.

Bitter and warm, & sweet and pungent herbs are used to treat this condition. This pattern is usually seen in the fall season.



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