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Liu Yi San clears summer-heat, resolves Damp, regulates and strengthens Qi

Liu Yi San - Shang Han Zhi Ge Fang Lun Six-to-One powder

Hua Shi (talcum)6 parts

Gan Cao (radix glycyrrhizae uralensis)1 part

***Grind together into powder, take 9-18g

Indications: summer-heat easily disturbs the Heart causing fever, sweat (the fluid of the Heart), and irritability. The sweat injures the fluids causing thirst, the Heat and possibly Damp injures the Qi which may cause Bladder Qi problems (urinary difficulty), T- thin yellow and greasy, P- rapid and may be soggy (if damp invades with Heat). Hua Shi promotes urination and is cold thus draining and cooling the pathogens. Together with Gan Cao this combination nourishes fluids, and relieves toxicity (hot painful urination). It is usually combined with other formulas for conditions such as urinary tract infections, or upper respiratory tract infections.

Note: for dry summer-heat without Dampness, substitute Shi Gao for Hua Shi at half the dosage.


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