Long Dan Xie Gan Tang

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Long Dan Xie Gan Tang – clear Liver Gallbladder Heat, Damp/Heat in low Jiao

Long Dan Xie Gan Tang - Yi Fang Ji Jie

Long Dan Cao (radix gentianae longdancao)…3-9g*

Huang Qin (radix scutellariae)…6-12g**

Zhi Zi (fructus gardeniae jasminoidis)…6-12g**

Mu Tong (caulis mutong)…3-6g***

Che Qian Zi (semen plantaginis)…9-15g***

Ze Xie (rhizoma alismatis orientalis)…6-12g***

Chai Hu (radix bupleuri)…3-9g**

Sheng Di Huang (radix rehmanniae glutinosae)…9-15g***

Dang Gui (radix angelicae sinensis)…6-12g***

Gan Cao (radix glycyrrhizae uralensis)…3-6g****

Indications:  both the Liver and Gallbladder meridians travel to the head, when there is Heat in these meridians one will see pain in the hypochondriac region, headache, dizziness, red sore eyes, trouble with hearing, ear swelling or infection, bitter taste in the mouth, irritability, & anger.  Since the Gallbladder and San Jiao are interiorly-exteriorly related Heat in the Gallbladder effects the water metabolism of the San Jiao which causes internal dampness.  Together these create Damp and Heat which can cause hot painful difficult urination that is dark yellow and smelly, possible smelly leukorrhea or menstrual irregularities in women, along with other conditions that affect the external genitalia (herpes, eczema, tinea).

T- red with yellow coat, P- wiry.  The use of Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San may be used for similar although milder cases with signs of stagnation. 

These conditions translate into urinary tract infections, pyelonephritis, gallstones, conjunctivitis, otitis media, cystitis, or orchitis.

Long Dan Xie Gan Tang cools Heat without causing Stasis, and drains pathogenic Qi without injuring the patients vital Qi.

Caution should be used with Spleen deficient patients.  The very cold and bitter properties of this formula also limit it’s use to short term low dose administration.


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Benskey & Gamble 1993, Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas and Strategies, Seattle Washington, Eastland Press Inc.


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