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Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin clears Heat, detoxifies, expels Wind/Heat


Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin - Wei Sheng Bao Jian

Jiu Chao Huang Qin (wine fried radix scutellariae)15g

Jiu Chao Juang Lian (wine fried rhizoma coptidis)15g

Niu Bang Zi (fructus arctii lappae)3g

Lian Qiao (fructus forsythiae suspensae)3g

Bo He (herba mentae haplocalycis)3g

Jiang Can (bombyx batryticatus)1.5g

Xuan Shen (radix scrophulariae ningpoensis)6g

Ma Bo (fructificatio lasiosphaerae seu calvatiae)3g

Ban Lan Gen (radix isatidis seu baphicacanthi)3g

Jia Geng (radix platycodi grandiflori)6g

Gan Cao (radix glycyrrhizae uralensis)6g

Chen Pi (pericarpium citri reticulatae)6g

Chai Hu (radix bupleuri)6g

Sheng Ma (rhizoma cimicifugae)1.5g

Indications: This is the result of an acute sudden onset of Fire Toxin of the head (usually in children in winter or spring), most commonly caused by Wind/Heat. Characterized by powerful high fever and chills, red head and face with burning pain (these symptoms show the great strength of both the patient and the pathogenic invasion). Sore throat, dry mouth, lips and throat, thirst, T- red with yellow coat (if severe the tongue is said to take on a powdery white coating), P- floating rapid full and forceful. The two primary herbs in this formula are fried with wine to bring their actions upward toward the head. Use this formula with caution where there is Yin deficiency.

This can translate into tonsillitis, strep throat, pharyngitis, suppurative otitis media.


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