Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang

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Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang nourish Yin and clear Heat

Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang - Wen Bing Tiao Bian

Bie Jia (carapax amydae sinensis)15g

Qing Hao (herba artemisiae annuae)6g [add near end]

Sheng Di Huang (radix rehmanniae glutinosae)12g

Zhi Mu (radix anemarrhenae asphodeloidis)6g

Mu Dan Pi (cortex moutan radicis)9g


Indications: Yin and fluids are very depleted, this causes a night fever without sweat (no fluids left to produce sweat), the patient will wake in the morning with feelings of coldness, emaciation but no loss of appetite (may be showing signs towards wasting and thirsting), T- red with scanty coat, P- thin rapid.

Once Heat has lodged deep inside the body, clearing Heat as well as nourishing the Yin is essential. Only nourishing the Yin can trap the Heat inside (give wood to the fire and make it worse!). Also bitter cold herbs should be used with great caution as they can damage the Yin.

This formula focuses more on externally contracted pathogenic febrile disorders that have subsided and lodged Heat deep inside, or a warm febrile has damaged the fluids thus leaving deficient Heat after its remission. Today this formula is considered for use with severe menopausal syndromes manifesting with the signs and symptoms above.


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