Zuo Jin Wan

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Zuo Jin Wan clears Liver Heat, redirects rebel Qi, stops nausea & vomiting


Zuo Jin Wan - Dan Xi Xin Fa (dosages commonly used today)

Huang Lian (ginger juice fried rhizoma coptidis)15-18g*

Wu Zhu Yu (fructus evodiae rutaecarpae)2-3g**

Indications: hypochondriac pain, indeterminate gnawing hunger, epigastric focal distension, vomiting, acid regurgitation, belching, bitter taste in mouth, dry mouth, red tongue with yellow coat, wiry rapid pulse. Liver Stomach disharmony.

Interestingly opposite herbal combination,bitter cold Huang Lian drains the Fire from the Heart downward (in cases of excess, sedate the child, Heart is the child of the Liver) and directs the Qi the same way. Hot pungent Wu Zhu Yu directs Huang Lian to the Liver, moves Qi, directs Qi downward, and moves stagnation. Six times the amount of Huang Lian to Wu Zhu Yu moderates the Heat of Wu Zhu Yu as to not worsen the condition. *Do not use with cases of deficient Stomach cold.

This condition seems to translate into peptic ulcers, hiatal hernias, acid reflux, and other gastric complaints usually from stress.



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