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16 secrets to longevity

By: Dr. Wei Jia Tan, DTCM, R. Ac


1. Spend more time combing your hair to prevent headaches and insomnia.

2. Massage your face daily to expel wind, cold, and aging.

3. Circle eyeballs to improve vision.

4. Tap Feng Chi frequently to increase hearing.

5. Use tip of tongue to touch upper palate repeatedly to connect Ren and Du meridians.

6. Bite (click) teeth together repetitively to strengthen kidneys.

7. Swallow saliva continually to help digestion.

8. Take deep breaths regularly to clear turbid Qi.

9. Keep back warm constantly to protect Yang Qi.

10. Guard the chest carefully to resist wind.

11. Rub abdomen habitually to regulate stomach Qi.

12. Scrub sternum frequently to descend lung Qi.

13. Exercise (rub) limbs vigorously to sooth joints.

14. Press Yong Quan often to eliminate dampness.

15. Use warm hands to massage the whole body to circulate Qi and blood.

16. Never talk during urination and defecation to retain Qi.


Chung Ni (Confucius) said:

Do not listen with the ear,

Listen with the Heart/mind.

Do not listen with the Heart/mind,

Listen with the Qi.

Listening stops with the ear,

The Heart/mind stops with concepts,

Those of Qi are empty and wait for things.

The assembling of emptiness is Dao.

Those who are empty are Heart/mind fasting.





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