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Balance and Harmony Between Our Inner Selves and Our Environment.


In order to live in harmony with our environment we must accept natures changes with an open mind. This includes the ability to accept the opportunities that are given to us, and letting go of the opportunities which may have been taken away. 


First we must accept that as our minds fate is to evolve into a higher and broader consciousness, at the same time our body’s fate is to move towards death.  This creates a conflict within.  We must recognize, accept, and deal with this double direction before the conflict within us becomes too great.


We trap ourselves habitually in the way we view our self and the world around us, this prevents opportunity for positive change.  The belief that familiarity is comfort, and change is discomfort, locks us into conflict with nature’s natural evolution.  One may find security in repeating old patterns, but on the other hand, the repetition of these old patterns may also define their discomfort.


“We let our inner reality create our outer reality even if it is un-healthy, usually for just the sake of continuing what we know.”


Our body, our mind, and our behaviour are all affected by the external situations we encounter. Our perceived reality is controlled by the way we allow that situation to effect us.  We may confuse our personal reactions with what is happening in “real life”, but in reality it is only our illusion of what is actually happening.  Depending on our attitude to any one situation presented to us, we can either choose to learn from it, making it a positive and growing experience, or we can play victim to it allowing it to become a negative one.


“Your fate is controlled by your character, your character is controlled by your innate and conscious choices”


“If we want happiness, poise and harmony, we must actively follow a path that will bring these particular things to us.  One must use consciousness to discern what is needed, and then just as consciously, work toward making those changes happen.”


Quotations from Qi Journal; winter edition 2002-2003, article The Inner and The Outer by Eo Omwake




Canada to Recognize Doctors of Chinese Medicine
 Fri, 06 Jun 2003

Canada: British Columbia is about to make history when it confers official status on doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It will be the first government in North America to officially recognize and regulate practitioners of the 4,000-year-old system of medicine.

At a ceremony at University of British Columbia next week, the province's health minister will officially confer the title to more than 200 graduates.

Although the doctors won't be given equal footing to conventional western doctors, it's a feat for the hundreds of traditional Chinese medicine doctors, who have been fighting to legitimize the practice.




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