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 Are you a practitioner of Chinese Medicine &/or Acupuncture?


TCM is starting to collect practitioner information so that our browsers have access to your name, clinic title, location, phone number, E-mail, website, and a short description of who you are.


This is a way to expand your advertising audience, get a link to your website, and feel like you are doing everything you can to ensure that your talents can reach as many people as possible.


This is absolutely FREE!E-mail us now with the information listed above, then, watch for a new link to appear on our home page referring to the TCM Health-info practitioner pages.There you will be able to see yourself open for business on the world wide web.


Practitioner/Student of the Month! When you sign up for the service above we are proud to offer TCM Health-info Home Page exposure for a month, thatís right, Smack dab on the Home Page of this site, to whoever sends in the best case study, essay, article, news, or comments about Chinese Medicine and/or Acupuncture!Along with your Home Page exposure, your submission will be posted permanently.For students, just send in a submission and you will also be considered for this offer (you do not need to be a practitioner).This is a great opportunity; take the time now to send us your best!


Soon to come!TCM Health-info will soon be offering different packages available for those who want more quality exposure.The packages will consist of options for personalized web space within TCM Health-info that is customized to you and your needs or wants (i.e. one page, 3 pages, or 5 page sites), at great prices!We feel that this will create the online option that people need who are not prepared, or that do not have the time to pursuit.Your own quality website, made for you.Isnít this something you want or have been thinking about anyway!If you have any interest in this 'soon to come' offer, donít hesitate, contact us now!



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