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Psychosomatic Disorders


The display of emotional problems through physical disorders is known as Xin Shen (heart and body) in Chinese.  It is usually caused by Yu (stagnation) of either Qi, phlegm, blood, food, fire or dampness or a combination of these.  The stagnation will injure the zang fu organs causing excessive conditions.  Chronic Yu will injure the middle jiao Qi creating Qi deficiency due to the disruption of post haven Qi.


Psychosomatic disorders are heart spirit disorders which attacks other organs creating deficiency throughout the body. The principle of treatment with psychosomatic disorders is to treat with herbs, acupuncture, massage as well as psychological methods of treatment (ie Qigong, Yoga, Hypnosis).


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Diagnosis of Psychosomatic Disorders


Asthma sensitive, dependent, anxious, attacks induced by stress and emotions

Chest Bi (pain) emotional disharmony, ambitious, driven, self confident, serious, competitive, stubborn, irritable

Dysphasia depressed, little or no emotions (emotions suppressed) pessimistic

Soothe liver

Vomiting triggered by anger, irritable, avoid stress (ST/LV) vomiting blood (HT fire)

Hiccup depressed, holds emotions back,  p/t need to express themselves (soothe liver)

Diarrhea emotional, stress, anger,  depression, worry, sadness

Stomach Ache emotional stress with liver Qi stagnation

Abdominal Pain liver and spleen disharmony (blood and LV Qi stag.)

Hypochondriac Pain       Anger

Abdominal Mass Qi/Phlegm/Blood stagnation, happy emotions will move mass

Typmanites (drummy distention)     don’t show anger or stress

Headache stress, stubborn, non sociable, cautious, irritable

Dizziness anxious, stressed, easily excited, perfectionist

Xiao Ke sadness and worry turn to fire – irritability, anger, anxious

Seminal Emission excessive dreaming

Impotence shock or fear induces it or worry

Menstrual Disorders  liver and spleen disharmony due to disharmony of emotions

Stroke over emotion turn to wind

Primary Hypertension hostile, hatred, aggravated while under pressure, anxious, fear full, oppressed anger, insecurity

Coronary Heart Disease drastic emotional changes (excessive emotions of joy/fear/shock/anger)

Bronchial Asthma         combination of congenital disease or recurring infectious disease and psychological disease.  Drastic emotional factors involving stress or excitement.  hypochondriacs

Children – unconsciously attacks are triggered for attention

Ulcer depressive, anxiety, nervousness, cautious, hard on ones self, over thinking

Hyperthyroidism long term difficult situations with stress and or excitement, usually un-trustful, sceptical, nervous

Diabetes stress aggravates or creates disease, accompanied by worry and anxiety

Psoriasis excessive emotions with seriousness, not open to others

Cancer type C personality, 

Breast cancer – usually sensitive, sad and worrisome women




Anxiety           DU 24/20/13               GB 39             KD  1/6           SI  4/7

                  HT 3/5/9                       BL 15

                        Moxibustion on back points


Depression     BL 4\14\18\19             DU 11\23         PC 6                HT 5\8\9          LV 1   

                  GB 37 KD 4

                        Tonify head points, use pecking moxibustion on body points


Irritability       DU 20\21                     PC 3                BL 14\18\23                HT 6\7 GB 34  SP 6                KD 7

                        Use moxibustion on the back and sedating method on the limbs


Fear                DU 19\20\24                GB 12\38         HT 5/7 REN 14/15      ST 27   KD ¼

                        Moxibustion on KD 1 and REN 15 and sedate head points


Sadness          GB 2/12/13                  DU 11/13/16    BL 13  SJ 10  PC 7    LV 5/1

                        Moxibustion on posterior points


Poor Appetite REN 12/10/11 ST 25/36/40     BL 20/21     LI 10        SP 8

                        Moxibustion on abdomen


Fatigue            DU 20/14/4      LU 2    SJ 6     BL 11  LI 10/11          LV 5    PC 6    SP 6     ST 36   KD 6

                        Use tonifying methods


Sleepiness      DU 23/20/14                HT 7/5 KD 4/6            SJ 4     ST 36   SP 6

                        Use tonifying methods with moxibustion on DU 14


Insomnia         GB 12/20/34                ST 27               BL 11/15/23/42/44/47             DU 4                HT 6/7       KD 1               PC 6


Low Libido      REN 4/6          KD 1/6            BL 23/31-34      GB 38            DU 4                SP 6

                        Always use moxibustion and tonifying methods


Dizziness         DU 23  BL 2/11/19      GB 5/6/8/20/34/39       ST 8/36            PC 6             SJ 4        SP 6


Hypertension  BL 11                          SI 14                LI 11                         ST 36      PC 6                HT 3                                 ST 36      GB 30/39              SP 6                       LV 2


Stroke             ST 8                             BL 10              SJ 16                           SI 17


Angina            Ren 14/17                    LV 14  BL 14/15/41                LI 4/10 PC 5/6         GB 21/39          SP 6                 ST 334


Fast Heart Beat         SJ 16/17          LI 11/17/18      SI 14/15/17         BL 12/14/15             PC 6/7 HT 7                        ST 36               SP 6


Migraine         GB 5/6/8/12/20/39       BL 2    DU 23/24        ST 7/8/36         SJ 5/21            SI 17   


Asthma           BL 13/23/43      LU1/5/6/8/9   REN 17/22      ST 36/40


Stomach Ulcer     LI 10            ST 19/21/22/24          REN 11/12/13/14                   


Cancer            DU 4/14           SP 6/9/10         REN 3/4          ST 36/40   BL 11         SJ 5    GB 34/39 PC 6

                        MILD MOXA FROM BL 13 – BL 23




Ma Huang      asthma, heart and vascular disorders, nervous system disorders, hormonal disorders, high blood pressure,  increased heart beat


Ge Gen           diabetes, lowers blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, heart disease, migraines, shoulder/neck stiffness


Huang Qin      relieves inflammation, immune system inhibitor (small amount), increases immune system function (large amount), diarrhetic, lowers triglyceride level, blood thinner, calms CNS, anti-cancer


Ku Shen          immune system suppressor, anti-cancer


Mu Dan Pi      vascular and heart system disorders, increases blood flow, increase immune system, hypertension


Xia Ku Cao     relax bronchus, lowers blood pressure


Di Gu Pi          lowers blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure


Shan Dou Gen            suppress CNS, anti-cancer


Da Huang       diarhetic, laxative, high blood pressure, blood sugar level disorders


Yuan Hua        anti-cancer, leukemia


Sang Ji Sheng             lowers blood pressure, diarhetic, bi syndrome, heart disorders


Lei Gong Teng           TOXIC – arthritic, wind dampness, promotes blood circulation, autoimmune system disorders, suppress immune system, dry syndromes (eczema, psoriases)


Wu Tou (close to Fu Zi)

                        TOXIC – lowers blood sugar levels, vascular heat system disorders, large amount decreases heart function,  small amount increases heart function


Shan Zha         lowers blood pressure, suppresses CNS , increase immune system function


Lai Fu Zi         stimulates weight loss


Pu Huang        heart and vascular system disorders, increase immune system


Dan Shen        lowers blood pressure, anticancer, treats PNS inflammation


Hong Hua       calming, relieves pain, increases blood flow, nourish heart muscle


E Zhu              activates stomach and intestines smooth muscle, anti-cancer, heart diseases


Xing Ren        asthma, cough, brainstem relaxant, anti-cancer


Di Long           anticancer (suppress cancer cells activity), nervous system disorders


Ren Shen        anti-cancer, increases immune system, activates white blood cells


Ling Zhi          anti-cancer, increases heart function (not heart beat), CNS suppressant


Huang Qi        heart system disorders, anti-cancer


Ci Wu Jia (pi) calm mind, promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine system


Yin Yang Hou             immune system disorders, regulate lymphatic system and heart system


Gan Cao         increases immune system, calm bronchus, coughing, stomach ulcers, diabetes, achne


Dong Chong Xia Cao

                        Immune system disorders, lung and kidney disorders, asthma, bronchitis, slows heart beat


Bu Gu Zhi       anticancer, skin and soft tissue cancer, heart system disorders


Du Zhong        decrease blood pressure, immune system suppressant


He Shou Wu   increase immune system and lymphatic systems, increases heart muscle strength


Mai Dong       increase immune system and spleen function, decreases blood sugar levels



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