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Chinese herbs that release exterior Wind/Cold


1. Which herb controls wheezing and promotes urination?

2. Which herb alleviates Yangming headache, is good for early swellings, expels dampness, and opens the nasal passages?

3. This herb is toxic, sweet and bitter, it opens the nose, expels Wind & Damp, and treats headaches of the sinus, and headaches that continue down the back of the neck?

4. Vomiting, Cold-Phlegm cough, harmonizing Ying & Wei, and reducing the toxic effects of other herbs is the function of what herb?

5. Which herb treats internal or external Wind, itchiness, expels Wind/Damp, and relieves painful diarrhea?

6. This aromatic herb can treat Wind/Cold or Wind/Heat, vents rashes and skin eruptions at initial stages, relieves itching, and stops bleeding.

7. This aromatic herb stops cough and releases nasal congestion, promotes Qi movement, expands the chest, calms the fetus to alleviate morning sickness, and is used for seafood poisoning.

8. Which herb is used for headaches of the vertex, Wind/Cold/Damp Bi, is a guiding herb to the upper body, & the Taiyang Bladder and Du meridians, and is aromatic, pungent and bitter?

9. Which aromatic herb clears summer heat, and promotes urination to drain dampness, reduce edema, and treat Lin Zheng?

10. This herb directs to the upper limbs, warms the meridians and disperses Cold, harmonizes Ying and Wei, unblocks Yang Qi in the chest, and is used particularly is exterior Wind/Cold cases with deficiency.

11. Which herb treats vertex headaches, enters only the Bladder meridian, is only pungent in flavor, and is particularly good at relieving back pain?

12. Which herb is toxic and pungent, is used only in low doses (1-3g), releases Damp and cold that may be accompanied by pain, opens the nose, warms the Lungs, and treats coughing with excess watery sputum?

13. What herb is used to open the nose, and relieve sinus headaches?

14. This common cooking herb is usually used in soups in the early stages of Wind/Cold to induce sweat, warm the patient, and disperse Cold.



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