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Chinese herbs that release exterior Wind/Heat


1. What herb treats sore throat, red eyes, headache, early stages of rashes, and soothes Liver Qi stagnation?

2. This white root releases the muscles of the neck, nourishes Stomach Heat, treats Spleen Qi deficiency, accelerates rashes, and lowers high blood pressure?

3. What herb enters the Bladder meridian to treat urinary problems and hot superficial edema in the upper extremities, unblocks the muscle level, induces sweat, and vents rashes?

4. Which seed primarily benefits the throat, clears toxic swellings, and moistens intestines?

5. What are the 5 herbs that can clear Wind/Heat and the Liver to treat sore red eyes?

6. Headache, sore red eyes with excessive tearing, and stiff numb heavy limbs.  Which little fruit can treat these symptoms?

7. This leaf is mostly indicated for cough due to Lung Heat.  It also cools the blood, and treats red sore eyes.

8. What flower clears the Liver (red sore eyes, excessive tearing), & calms the Liver (dizziness, headache)?

9. This ascending rhizome accelerates toxic rashes in the upper or superficial areas, relieves sore swollen gums/mouth/lips (Stomach Fire), can treat organ prolapse, and guides other herbs upwards.

10. This fermented bean is good for Yin deficient patterns with irritability, and can treat exterior Cold or Heat.

11. What herb can treat Shaoyang disorders, soothe Liver Qi stagnation, and ascend Spleen Qi sinking?

12. Loss of voice, throat problems, rashes, red sore eyes, infantile Wind.  What insect can treat these symptoms?



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